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Tim Leehane is a producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and singer from San Jose, CA. Born and raised in San Francisco, Tim started taking classical piano lessons when he was five years old and folk guitar lessons when he was nine. He didn’t start playing music seriously until the age of 15, when he picked up an electric guitar and discovered how much more fun it was to play rock and roll. Tim formed his first real rock band, East 80, in 1990. The metal-pop five-piece band performed regularly at local pubs and other events in Davis and Sacramento, California. In 1993, members from East 80 formed Stonefly, a grunge four-piece with hints of punk rock and funk music. In 1995, Tim and his sister, Kathleen, formed Waxhead, a “no-holds-barred” power-pop trio. After moving to Portland, Oregon, he played for four years in Portland’s premier classic rock cover band, Hot Rod DeVille. After returning to the Bay Area, he joined forces with the hard rock band, The Sonic Heavy, and is now playing with the “contemplative rock” band Space Giant. Tim and has written and/or produced music for The Foxy Pockets, Worry Stone, Norval Way Freighbors, Mara Leehane, Navigator to Bombardier, The Mollymawks, Audio Terrorist, KALIB, Space Giant, and Jeff August Ego Trip.