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Born and raised in Tokyo, Raura was exposed to many different arts. At an early age, she learned and enjoyed drawing. She took classes in Japanese calligraphy, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and Aikido (Martial Arts). Throughout junior high and high school she studied acting, both in Japan and in the U.S. In college, while studying, psychology, behavioral science, and HRM (Human Resource Management), she had an opportunity to visit a spa resort. She was exposed to an environment dedicated to creating a therapeutic experience, including techniques as Sound Therapy. Raura's experience here became a turning point in her life. Inspired and changed, she began her studies in Color Therapy, Aroma Therapy, and Spa Business Management. She went onto learn about the sacred power of "Mana" in Hawaii, and meditation in India. Discovering the Crystal Bowl was a revelation for Raura. She felt that it could bring together and express her various interests of spiritualism, art, psychology, and philosophy. In 2006, having found a unique sound to express her aesthetics and philosophy, she debuted as a professional Crystal Bowl player.