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Willy Winarko is a promising young Indonesian rapper, songwriter and radio announcer. Widely known for his collaboration with Rinni Wulandari on AMI Awards nominated song Independent Girl and on radio hit Onlyou with Melisa Putri. Been hustlin’ in music industry since 2011 under NSG Music Recordings and worked with big names like Indah Dewi Pertiwi, Jamie Aditya, Keith Martin and more. His debut album Suara Perjuangan (2016) spawned four radio hits: Baper, Mencintai Kamu, Have a Nice Day and Hope and Pray. In 2018, Willy Winarko released his second album titled Kids including hits like Being Me, Take Me Away, Kids and more to come. He also featured in few NSG project such as Jakarta Soul System and JKT Fam. To all WW Armys, hope you enjoy Willy Winarko music and get inspired by it.