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Misty Rosas is an American singer-songwriter and recording artist. She is a native-born Californian, currently living and creating in Los Angeles. Misty's music is a mix of Pop interlaced with Adult Contemporary sophistication. Her songwriting is deep! A lot of her songs make you feel, and often times you'll experience a stirring deep within your emotional center causing tears to well up in your eyes! A box of tissues is recommended! At live shows, Misty has a unique way of connecting with her audience, and often times she has them cheering before singing her songs! Perhaps it is her personal struggles that people identify with? She is willing to share the raw and sometimes extremely vulnerable truths about the inspiration that drives her songwriting. Misty was born with a 65% hearing loss in her right ear and a 45% loss in her left ear, but she defies the odds and truly lives the life of her dreams. Music is in her blood. It's what she was born to do! She is an inspiration to people! She truly embodies the statement that, "No matter the odds, dreams do come true!" And just in time for Christmas this year, Misty is releasing her brand new, heartfelt single, "Thank You", on December 22, 2020. The song is inspired by a thank you note that her sister wrote to her, and it is a message about love, and spreading kindness. As the song's lyrics so poetically express, "The love you've given to me, it's coming right back to you! And I want to say thank you!" - Misty Rosas