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Taking leave from their usual musical backdrop of angular guitars & thundering drums, Dead Naked Hippies have delved into the world of synths to create transcendent new single ‘Curiosity (Dawn)’. The track struts & swells around quirky homemade synths & frontwoman Lucy Jowett’s blistering vocals. Locked up in their Leeds flat, Dead Naked Hippies’ Lucy and Joe found themselves cut off from the studio, practice room and even bandmate Jacob. They broke down any preconceived ideas of what their music should be and began delving into new sounds, re-working songs that had been strictly guitar, drums and vocals before now. ‘Curiosity (Dawn)’

explores what it means to be human, questioning existence and purpose, how life shapes us & we shape it, & sees the band take on and embrace self-production for the first time, learning everything from scratch during lockdown. “(Dead Naked Hippies) take twisting, sharp-as-a-knife guitar lines and wield them like a weapon” DIY “brutal yet remarkably precise” Clash "one of Leeds' best up-and-coming bands" DORK "These guys are coming at you with a wall of sound, all driving guitars and booming percussion, bolstered by enigmatic front-woman Lucy’s powerful vocals." Metro