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Stardust Vibes produce high-quality nature sound recordings & relaxation music for sleep, meditation, massage, & study. They currently have over 1.25 Million subscribers on YouTube with approx. 250+ million video views. Their relaxing sounds will help calm your mind, body, & spirit so that you can easily let go of stress & anxiety. If you have insomnia, tinnitus, or any other sleeping problems then their soothing sounds may be the answer you're looking for. Unlike most nature sound & relaxation music artists on Spotify, Stardust Vibes’ has a large collection of tracks that are at least an hour long. Meaning that you don’t have to repeat the same 3-4 minute loop over & over again. As our brains are designed to detect patterns in the environment, short tracks that need to be looped repeatedly can actually keep you awake at night. Stardust Vibes’ long & ambient soundscapes are specifically designed to help you stay asleep all night so that you can wake up feeling refreshed.