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Blackbird Sons are a 4-piece rock band from Finland, founded in 2016. Comprised of Niko Hämäläinen (Guitar & Lead Vocals), Riku Kananoja (Guitar & Backing Vocals), Lauri Aaltonen (Bass & Backing Vocals) Tatu Lankinen (Drums). This powerful band specialise in ‘slap in the face’ rock music, using big riffs to present a contemporary take on the tradition of blues rock. Blackbird Sons are influenced by many iconic bands such as AC/DC, The Who and ZZ Top. Utilising the legacies of huge names to channel their own one of a kind sound. They want to dispel the idea that rock n roll is a dying craft, with their latest single full of “raw and rebellious” energy destined to reignite the ideas that fuel modern rock. You can follow Blackbird Sons on Spotify and stream their latest release 'You Really Got It' right now! Blackbird Sons are about to release their debut album "Dance with the Devil" on 13th Noveber so stay tuned and hit that follow button now!