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Paradise Now is a pop rock group from Bridgend, Wales. Comprised of brothers Sam Taylor, Ben Taylor, and their longtime friend Nathan Beaton, Paradise Now is a trio of innovators. Years of sonic exploration and a shared passion for hybrid music lead to songwriting that crossed boundaries and built new genres—genres that continue to ripen and evolve with each song they write. The band wrestles together their adoration for both pop and rock by means of individual preferences and joint experiences. Their Welsh upbringing is perhaps most responsible for their dynamic sound, having introduced them to a plethora of genres by means of their local music scene. Each week the town rallied around the live band on stage, regardless of genre. The experience helped foster an appreciation for sounds across all categories of music, and music across all regions of the UK. Without a local music industry to pursue, they paved a path for themselves by sharing stages across the continent and building relationships in the process. It’s the relationship between their music and the audience, however, the band values most. Their moniker expresses their motive in and of itself; “Paradise Now” offers escape from the mundanities of every day life, the struggles of the human condition, and the darkness of a world in need. They believe with songwriting comes responsibility, and aim to share stories through each track that guides listeners from loneliness to hope.