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"...there’s a certain maturity to Awad’s coming of age contemplation, which mixes classic 1970s Cat Stevens/Paul Simon-esque songwriting with more modern indie quirks and soaring harmonies. Like all good wordsmiths, we can only see Awad’s talents growing in subsequent releases." - Time Out Dubai 
 “ Not Only Me is very much grounded in that rich Americana sound that Awad has often moulded with his own hands, but it’s also very much wrapped up in slow-roasted, 60s psychedelia. As with much of Awad’s work, it’s the details… that really give it depth.” - Scene Noise 
 Adam Awad is a British-Egyptian singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Cairo, Egypt. Beginning his music career in 2012 with home recorded folk ballads, he’s gone on to put out a number of critically acclaimed songs which have garnered coverage from the likes of Rolling Stone Middle East as well as radio play around the world. While his charmingly laid back brand of songwriting has developed over the years, his music has now evolved into a more dreamy and psychedelic brand of folk pop while still staying true to his earnest lyrics and memorable melodies.