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Listening to Banji, you might envision them as the musical embodiment of dangling necklaces, loose fit dungarees, 8-bit arcade and ironic thrift shop finds. The quartet has created its own hybrid of pop, R&B, wobbly synth-driven electro funk, distorted vocals and in your face licks. 
 The four-piece have already started turning heads with their brand of indie-pop, harnessing the power of the currently scarce resource ‘fun’. An after show set for Vampire Weekend and support slot with Belgian icons Balthazar are wins on the stage, and in the media trusted tastemakers in Billboard, DIY and more lending are their voices of support. As well as musicians, each member of the band is a budding producer - and having cut their teeth on 'Listen' working with Jeroen De Pessemier at ICP Studios in Brussels, where The Cure and The Vaccines have recorded, they’ve fully taken the reins on self-production duties since. This lends a personal flourish, and distinct Banji flavour to every aspect of the track. All songs are mixed by Mucky, who has worked with Sevdaliza, Wiley and The Black Eyed Peas. 
 Dive into a sugar high with their energetic songs channelling the chameleonic indie stylings of Beck, The Dandy Warhols or Darwin Deez in matching spiky guitars with 8-bit bleeps and sardonic lyrics, and crash back down with laid-back alt-pop songs like 'Dogbreath' matching the easy-going flow of easy life or Alfie Templeman with the patchwork sampling of Superorganism or The Avalanches.