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Nestled between rolling Oregon Vineyards and abundant Hazelnut Farms was where 17 year old Nyah Grace discovered her musical roots. This rural backdrop, while not seeming to be the type of place to birth such musicality and soul, inspired the sublime and sensual notes that emanate from each of Nyah’s songs. Her core writing and performance influences lie in the brilliant works of D’Angelo, Lauryn Hill, Corinne Bailey Rae and Billie Holiday. Although these icons were prominent figures in her musical upbringing and even more so now, Nyah remains very much her own artist with a remarkable maturity and unmistakable identity.  In 2018 Nyah met with Grammy-Nominated producer Steve Chrisanthou and an immediate rapport was evident. This led to several successful recording trips to Yorkshire, in between intimate gigs with SoFar Sounds around the UK.  With additional production from Michael Graves, a highly anticipated debut album made up of a hypnotic, sultry and subtley seductive array of songs is set be released in late 2019.  Nyah recently relocated to the UK and now lives in London.  Black Coffee is released on August 16th via The Orchard and Spotify on Palawan Productions Ltd. and is featured throughout Caffe Nero outlets around the world.