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Connect The Circle is a Norwegian metal band formed in 2018. Their critically acclaimed debut album «This Is Madness» was released in february 2020, but a tour to support the album was cancelled due to Covid-19. The band is currently working on a follow-up to «This Is Madness». 
Arild Fevang - Vocals Kenneth Brastad - Guitars Raymond Smith - Bass Robert William - Drums 
«A very good debut by a talented band who should go on your ones to watch list» 
B.A.Martin Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine UK 
«This is an excellent album by an excellent band. And there is certainly a feeling of wanting more, more, more» 
Rockportaal Netherlands 
«The music is a balanced experience between something epic, beautiful and melodic» Norway 
«The picture is correct in all areas. Songs with head and tail, beautiful guitar work, excellent drumming and a singer who does his thing with a lot of feeling!» 
Rock Tribune Belgium