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The name and reputation of Kendo Kaponi have been questioned countless times. Rarely the famous interpreter has had the opportunity to expose his truth without filter, unequivocally him. The singer takes his pain and fight and makes it into his new song “Resistencia,” available now on all digital music platforms. The great return of Kendo Kaponi has finally materialized. "Resistencia" is an explosion of truth in which the artist confesses and vents his purest and deepest feelings. From the accident that left his nephew in a wheelchair, to the ravages and fears that humanity lives in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside his new record label, Real Hasta La Muerte Records, the essential support of his friend and colleague Anuel, who advises him through the voice of the experience, after making a successful transition from prison to “The Major Leagues” of Latin music; and manager Frabián Elí who assumed the challenge of leading Kaponi to success, and, for the second time, being a manager working the artistic career of a friend who has been released from prison. Kendo Kaponi served a 2-year sentence in a South Florida jail, and released in January 2020. "Resistencia" becomes his official return to the music industry after years of legal battles and controversies. Kaponi expresses the injustice of his sentence with real images, which can be seen on the video, offering his version of the events to his fans.