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“DJ Silva Sir-Fa” embodies the culture clash that is Music. As a Songwriter - Producer - DJ he's been an influential figure for over two decades, releasing a series of mixtapes and spinning on Power Radio stations, Weddings, Satellite radio and Cable internet shows. In addition, Sir-Fa has toured with hit making artists and deejayed at some of the industries most exciting parties. In the visual media, he’s been on PBS “History Detectives”, NY1, MTV and BET. He’s appeared in two documentary films & his accomplishments were aired on Comcast cable channel-H2O on Demand. In the print media, he has graced several publications and was able to set himself apart from other dj’s by appearing in The New York Times business section. Sir-Fa also served as Music Director for the Converse Sneaker Battle Tour. In a world where similar styles and substance breed much of the same, Silva Sir-Fa is truly unique. He has separated himself from the pack with his unique blending of music from Soul, Pop, Latin, Reggae, Rock and Hip Hop. 
 Written By: Paul T. Christie