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JIMMY L. DIAS, BANDLEADER OF PSYCHEDELIC ROCK GROUP THE LOVE DIMENSION RETURNS TO A NEW DIRECTION FOR SOLO PROJECT “DIVIDED / STATES” A time capsule of musical memory—a cardboard box of demo tapes stored away for more than two decades. Slipped from mind until rediscovered, the music on the tapes reflected Jimmy L. Dias’ early work in punk bands in Boston. Stylistically far from Jimmy’s psychedelic recordings, the music, recorded in the 90s, reflected early influences on Jimmy’s work—from The Velvet Underground to Jonathan Richman, Sex Pistols to Joy Division, Nirvana to Green Day—bringing together disparate streams of punk from its birth in the 70s to its diversification in the 80s to the “pop punk” styles of the 90s. Taking the stand-out tracks, Jimmy began to rework them and found that a lyrical theme emerged from those 12 songs that captured the spirit of division and disunity in the country following the 2016 election. As the revised tracks coalesced into their final versions, it became clear that the politically and ideologically “divided states” reflected deep separations within individuals who are yearning and struggling to find a path to wholeness.