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Writing songs is what Linn Koch-Emmery does, and writing great ones is what’s made her name in music - short, sharp indie-rock rollercoasters that come packed with killer choruses that are easy on the ear and easy to love. Those songs have won her fans, taken her on tour to Germany, the UK, and even Mexico, and established her as one of her Sweden’s brightest new talents.

Her new music sounds cleaner and slicker, with some of the scuzz swapped out for synths and shine. The songs don’t echo anything else - they sound fresh, like something different. “I wanted to figure out how indie should sound in 2020. It’s about writing your own history, rather than rewriting someone else’s and applying it to yourself”. There’s little distance between Linn and her music, and that’s reflected in her lyrics - a jumble of emotions and counter-emotions, pivoting between playful and raw and intense, a window into Linn’s own personality: “That’s the way I am, I am over-dramatic and emotional, but I also take the piss out of myself”. In the end, she writes simple, direct songs that leave a mark, and with a gift for melody that means it's hard not to fall for them. “When I’m listening to music, I feel stuff I can’t feel when I’m not listening to music”, says Linn. “I have a wider range of emotions, where the world seems to have brighter colours”. That’s something her own music achieves easily - a Linn Koch-Emmery song makes the world, and everything in it, seem a little more alive.