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KING SATAN is an industrial metal band from Finland, founded in 2015. The band’s non-conforming brand of extreme metal is perhaps best defined by their tendency to combine the topics of Satanism and Occult philosophy together with carnivalesque exploitation and blasphemous dark humor. Nonetheless, the group’s over-the-top musical style follows no genre-boundaries, as it draws its major influences from electro-industrial and death metal just as casually as from the areas of dance punk and various symphonic elements. Together with several singles and distinctive music videos, the project has stirred lots of fuzz and controversy since the day one, while facing the acclaim, criticism, confusion and devoted following all at the same time. It all led into singles reaching viral charts and ever-growing demand for live performances from which the band has become known for while touring in clubs and festivals in Finland and around Europe. While the act started as a solo project of vocalist-songwriter KING ALEISTER SATAN, it has then evolved into a live show-oriented group with a full line-up, and to this day has released two full-length albums ”King Fucking Satan” (2017) and ”I Want You To Worship Satan” (2019). At the dawn of a new decade, while the world faced the global pandemic rendering all previous plans obsolete, the band started working on new material more determined than ever. KING SATAN’s new single ”This is Where the Magick Happens” will be released 27. May 2021.