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tape tone is a progressive rock / metal band from Cologne, Germany. Formed in 2014 by bassist Kim Ulmer, guitarists Ralf Albert & Thorsten Wambach (Last One Dying) and drummer Bodo Stricker (Aeverium, Jaded Heart, Last One Dying) the band quickly got to work writing songs that blended hard rock, groove and progressive metal and even elements of funk, reggae and swing. This mishmash of styles matched with heavy hitting and complex riffs would soon attract vocalist Tim Haarhoff, who’s soulful tenor range and vicious screaming abilities complimented the bands sound perfectly allowing tape tone to fully explore their vast musical capabilities. In early 2018, after Thorsten Wambach had left, tape tone would invite guitarist Matt Sheridan (Dharmata, Pro-Pain) to join the group, who’s melodic solo style and heavy handed palm mutes added the final element the band was looking for to the mix. On October 23rd, 2020 tape tone released their first full length album "Turbulence" wich the band describes as “Not following any trends, Its just music that we enjoy and we know you will too!”