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Neko is Robin de Geus (45ACIDBABIES, Yip Roc, Mademoiselle, Find us in Slumberland, Juliet) in his most honest and transparent form. The graceful arrangements can go from minimalistic to bombastic but at the end of the day it is the songs themselves that really steal your heart. The silence of the songs almost seems to scream after the intense chaos that precedes it. Neko is not afraid to be vulnerable and his lyrics reflect this. This age of social media and social isolation is full of people showing

only highlights. Vulnerabilities are part of the human existence and are an essential part of Neko’s music. The up-tempo song Poor Millennial Crybaby is the perfect song for an Indian summer. The infectious drum groove and playful guitars are reminiscent of indie acts like Big Thief. The rock-solid melody of the chorus and the catchy backing vocals make it almost impossible to not sing along. Once you’ve heard this song it will be undoubtably stuck in your head. Add the guitar solo that takes all of your worries away and this might just be your 2021 song of the summer. “Millennials live with the promise they can achieve everything they want but are constantly followed by the shadow of the doubt they might fail. Poor Millennial Crybaby zooms in on this stress but focusses on the liberating feeling of the acceptation that occasionally failing is inevitable.”