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VISIT Jolene Dixon is a genuine Singer Songwriter talent born in Topanga Canyon, California and raised in Franklin, Tennessee. She likes to call herself a hippie hillbilly. All the collective consciousness of California and the charming tenderness of Tennessee. There is a duality in Dixon's voice that is equal parts innocent and seasoned. She can seduces the listener with a beautiful vulnerability, honesty and a genuine optimism that celebrates and soothes the broken hearted. That's because this classic autobiographical storytelling in her songs comes from a place of soothing her own. The daughter of the Donivan Cowart, the celebrated recording engineer and country who helped give us timeless music from the likes of Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell (to name a few), Jolene grew up in a truly musical environment and spent hours just sitting under her dad's console soaking in the magic being made note by note. Simply put Dixon is a natural, her songs and voice are as rare and unique as they are classic and time honored.

The combination of both traditional and modern influences both musically and geographically help create a sound that is a well brewed cocktail of Americana and Indie Pop.