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It’s been a long road since I took my guitar so many years ago and I wrote my first chord. Alone, in my gloomy room. Those, were vinyl times, with the voice of John Fogerty in my head. Times when Eagles they were a soundtrack of a life, and Springsteen he was strugglin to show that he’s the best among the best. A long road of tears and dusty dawns. Many winters, and many rain. Many roadmiles and many loneliness. I’m more adult than I would like. The days to going nuts are so far now. And some of my best moments they fade out with the mist of days. I had it in my hands too many times until disappear between my fingers. I lost that girl, that job, that speed-up in the life’s highway just in the worst moment. Hard to remember, and proud to wear it. But I knew that I had my voice and fingers to play the string. I had my faith, my own God, and a powerful lion asleep inside of me, waiting for roar and kick the ass to my own demons. Yes, I’m not a singer! I’m a believer. I believe in the strenght of music to build an ethic society. Too many times our people have been lost, listening the selfish chord of those stingy greedy. But this is the time to return our people the voice that belongs to them. The time when lion wake up and his roar says; We’re here! No late, no soon. Just now! And nobody will stop us from playing our own story. And we’ll show to some damn arrogants that we finally wake up our own lion! I’m Ian Lints, and I play ethic rock songs for wonderful people …