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Nyla XO is an LA-born, Chicago-based songwriter, producer and keyboardist. She's toured nationwide with @BettyWho and has graced the America’s Got Talent stage as a beloved member of the house band. Her music has also been featured on The CW and BET. At her core, Nyla is an end-to-end artist, crafting everything from striking harmonies to supporting visuals. Her music meditates on the best bits (and occasional pitfalls) of being human — from passionate love to personal growth — and does so with a vibrant-yet-velvety touch, drawing inspiration from other genre-bending artists like @India.Arie, @Nelly Furtado, and Kimbra. She’s a musician, a maker and a *delightfully* sassy motivator.

From studio to stage to screen, Nyla XO leaves nothing unexplored — and encourages her listeners to do the same.