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Señores y señoritas, the horses are saddled, we're off! At the beginning of 2019, three daring gentlemen and an intrepid maiden saddled their horses and set out to experience a great adventure together. One spring-like evening - the sun was just flashing out from behind the horizon - the four sat together with a bottle of the finest firewater and philosophized (again) about the vastness of the universe. The sky glowed intensely, mulberry red-purple - then it hit the gang like lightning and their mission finally had a name: Mulberry Sky. Since then, Catherine van Bruce (vocals), Lucky Lerchl (bass), Simon Petrosa (drums) & Dom Raygun (guitar) have been roaming around to blow their blues-soaked rock around the world. No song is like the other, sometimes they combine depth with rather soft rock, power with melodic parts and pain with filigree guitar solos. A well-seasoned mixture of classic rock, blues rock and a touch of stoner makes the audience blink into many niches of rock. In terms of content, Mulberry Sky like to sprinkle salt on the wound and call for people to realize themselves and to shake off contaminated sites.