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Hi, it’s Melinda here, and Lightbound is my musical project. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and I write contemplative instrumental music that captures a narrative in its structure, perfect for quiet moments of pondering. My favourite way to listen is in the dark, especially on a rainy night. Hopefully you’ll find a track to capture your mood right now! 
 I started music lessons when I was six, learning piano, and then flute, which I took all the way with a Bachelor of music. I also love painting and often paint the music I’m listening to - check out my Jazz Lines series at or my #100daysofmusicalsketches or #100daysofmusicalcolourpalettes on Instagram. You can see lots of examples in the gallery :) 
 Bloom is my first album release, and its title refers to a collection of jellyfish. The title track captures the movement of their bodies in their watery home, with other ocean inspired tracks following. 
 I’m just about to release a self-titled second album, releasing on the 27th of Feb! You can expect reflective melodies and repetitive motifs around a core of piano and flute, a collection of journey tracks around the theme of Light.