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The Vone is a multi-genre rock band responsible for BIG guitar riffs and even BIGGER melodic hooks. These rockers can’t be pigeon-holed, and they’re supported by an epic and inclusive community of music lovers from all over the world called The Voners, who chant “WE ARE VONE” at their gigs. The Vone are releasing their debut album this year, which will be a tour de force of The Vone’s rock and chameleonic tendencies and a celebration of their 5 years as a band. The band has four key components: Marcelo Cervone (lead vocals, guitar, sax), Marek Woloszyn (lead guitar & vocals), Jonny Bennett (drums) and Will Stephen (bass). They’re an international band. Marek and Marcelo met back in Portugal where they grew up, but Marek is Polish and Marcelo is Brazilian-Portuguese. The latest additions to the band, Jonny and Stephens are both from the UK. They bring a lot of energy to the stage: enough to power up a blue Monday or get your weekend started! Stay tuned, there's more music coming your way! WE ARE VONE