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The Kinks are recognised as one of the most important and influential British rock groups of all time. They were formed by brothers Ray and Dave Davies. Calling themselves The Ravens, an early line-up saw them playing a combination of R&B and rock and roll with friend Peter Quaife on bass. Before signing with Pye Records in 1964, the group replaced their drummer with Mick Avory and renamed themselves The Kinks. The scruffy band from London’s working-class outskirts continues its influence into each new generation of fans. Grandparents all the way to their grandchildren love The Kinks, and when you ask them why, you’ll see a light in their eyes that belies a deep affection like no other band engenders. The Kinks have always stood with the regular folks, immune to trends or commercial interest, and told their stories in a way unique in rock music. From the hard-hitting sonic blast of You Really Got Me to the wistful sweetness of Waterloo Sunset, to the clever, censor-busting wordplay of Lola to the nostalgic pop of Come Dancing, the Kinks’ music is relatable, inclusive, joyous, thoughtful, and beloved. They will forever be, as they sang in 1966, “not like anybody else”. The world is all the better for it, and that will continue for some time yet...