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Hello, I'm Krayfishkarl! I'm a hobbyist game designer and composer! I've been making music since 2007. While I learned the trumpet in grade school, I am almost entirely self-taught when it comes to composition. My current project is the soundtrack for my upcoming game Droplet: States of Matter. I do electronic, rock, pop as well as some adventure, fantasy and classical-style music. I am influenced by many different video game music composers. Here's a sampling of them: -Stewart Copeland -Josh Mancell -Mark Mothersbaugh -Koji Kondo -Grant Kirkhope -Yoko Shimomura _Nobuo Uematsu -Ian Taylor Additionally, one of my favorite companies to obtain sound samples from is called Spectrasonics. (I am not sponsored by them. I just really like them!) Lots of cool video game soundtrack, including by some of the composers above, have made made use of samples from Spectrasonics. I went out of my way to obtain these same sound libraries to more closely emulate the style of my favorite video games. Here are the Spectraonics libraries I use in my songs: -Distorted Reality 1 and 2 -Heart of Africa 1 and 2 -Heart of Asia 1 and 2