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With of her gift for rhythm and mood, Beatrice Betley offers tasty jazz accessible to those who are not jazz aficionados. Beatrice is a Vocalist that has crafted her own unique sound. Transcending the boundaries of traditional Vocal Jazz but still very much drawing on it, she integrates the sounds of her musical roots of 80ties Pop, Argentinian Folk, the passionate sounds of Flamenco and Fado and introduces some modern sounds of EDM. The recording of her first album

"Upside | Down" (released 2020 by NOT A FOX records) coincided with the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and was exclusively recorded in a home recording setting - professional recording studios were closed due to lockdowns. As a testament to these unprecedented times Beatrice has decided to leave her voice unaltered by post-production, giving the album a more intimate feel. "There are a lot of credible singers coming out of the indie jazz community at the moment, but I personally haven’t heard many boasting the elegant demeanour that this vocalist is from beginning to end here." (Bethany Page - Ventsmagazine)