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Hunter Nicholas Froelich, known professionally as eF HAVoc, is an American hip-hop recording artist, rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He has collaborated with several musical artists such as Torie Shea, Talon, Valentine Beats, Nesyu Beats, Blood Staind Faze, Halez Nation, Soulker, 7ink, Bezimenimusic and Tydiedyung. Hailing from Minnesota, eF HAVoc has been producing ice cold multimedia works since the age of 4, so multimedia has always been a strong suit of his. In late 2018, he had collaborated with Torie Shea to make a music video for her single Trust Issues. On April 1st, 2018, his debut single My Story dropped and thus sparked his music career. eF fully produces (mixes and masters) all of his vocals, images and videos, markets, networks, and manages everything himself. Valentine Beats, Nesyu Beats, Soulker, 7ink and bezimenimusic produce most of his beats. | https://www.efhavoc.com