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Norwegian rock band Abakas casually incorporates in elements of different genres creating a universe that is ever expanding with both fantasy and of earthly heritage.
The band gives the listener something new and exciting but at the same time something recognisable. Legends that become every day life stories, modern day heroes that walk among us, - Abakas music is about looking inside yourself and connecting with all times and dimensions. Honest, strong and sensual at the same time. "Abakas is an independent rock band from Norway, with a unique and powerful sound. Friendship and the endless love for music are the pillars of this three-piece act. There is no leader, these three heroes define their band as a democracy, and this is another rare quality in nowadays music scene. Honesty and truthfulness, together with real talent are lacking characteristics among the new generation of musicians and we are very grateful that there are still bands like Abakas. Indie rock, hard rock, progressive, with some sparkles of heavy metal, these are just a few of the genres you could put out three talented musicians" Planet Singer