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Magnetic North, originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and now based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, bring you a new type of Rock N' Roll. They share voices of an intuitive experience of energetic rock music, personal views of the rock classics and current musical inspiration from modern musicians. Their upcoming LP "Remedy" influences of new wave, funk, alternative rock and blues! Writing music, while not being defined by a particular genre, is a massive part of the experience that they bring to their audience. All members of the band bring you a strong musical background, cultivated in their early years through to the present day. At a young age, these gentlemen were busy learning about music in their respective school bands, and, as they came of age, their knowledge of music increased throughout their college years. Gigging individually in various music groups throughout their careers in the Cape Breton and Halifax area only honed their musicality, until they would eventually form the group Magnetic North. Magnetic North love to share their energy and emotion with audiences across Canada. In 2018 they recorded their Acoustic EP, Digital Illusions, containing the title track "Digital Illusions" and the single featured on the 2019 CBC Searchlight National Top 100, "Beauty & Love."