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Deep in ILUKA’s music, you can hear the sound of a wild heart given the space to roam free. The Australian-born musician and singer-songwriter is of a breed you don’t often find anymore — that of the troubadour. Her music, built from the foundational elements of classic rock and beloved, worn-in soul, tells universal tales of hope and love, struggle and sacrifice, with a thoroughly modern lens; comforting and galvanising in equal measure, it is the kind of art that comes only as a result of a life well lived, of a mind challenged and expanded by the lushest, farthest reaches of the world. ILUKA was taught the basics of songwriting from her earliest years. Her father is a songwriter and guitar-maker who fostered her talent, spending hours on the balcony of their Blue Mountains home encouraging her to channel the artistic energies evident inside her towards music. Anyone can be taught how to play an instrument, but not anyone can learn the heart and soul present in the best of it; it was this early education, the passing-down of emotion from one generation to another, that gave ILUKA’s music its spark, the seed that’s still growing to this day. A magnetic, charismatic character from childhood, ILUKA relished in the ability to inhabit characters and explore, through her imagination, the worlds present in the minds of the various eccentric characters she created.

In ILUKA’s music there is truth, power, and, at its centre, that wild heart.