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The third album Hazrul Nizam portrays his dramatic, trivial and tragically moment he faced before. Unlike his second album "PRIMITIF", this album consists the most characteristically in every track. Sejauh Mana Rindu is the first single for this album. The story told about Nizam's farewell parting with the group that he has been sought for a years. Wherefore, his fate decided to let them go and moving forward to the next chapter. Putus and Senyum Kali Sejuta were released during the COVID-19 pandemic and both tracks showed the observed state of two different pairs; those who are aware of their dishonest relationships and those who have the patience of a saints. Nizam's Pepatung is the first track to show the side of his character who is described as a dragonfly;

symbolizes wisdom, change, transformation, light and adaptability in life. Serving someone who will never change is a complicated matter. Hanya Tenang Sementara showing the story about using someone's life just to fill the emptiness after the break up. It is more the guilty feeling towards the friendship they've made. Latest single before Nizam upcoming album official release is Kau a tale of depression and frustration. Unlike Tinggal Sendiri, Nizam featuring KeN Iskandar showing the expected things might happen if we force to stay without any concern of both feelings. "Watak" will coming up to you expected on 2022 with all refreshing and matured tracklist.