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Above the rooftops of the quaint city of Bern, we dream music and play words... Our songs often start simple - a sentence that captures a feeling, a few notes on the acoustic guitar. Then they grow, take on a life of their own, with voices added and melodies that give them depth. We'd like for them to be catchy enough that you can hum to them immediately, yet interesting enough that you feel like listening more than once. There's always something to discover: sometimes, it's in the lyrics, sometimes in the music, or in both at once, when a harmless, mellow melody coincides with lyrics that are less than nice. No matter if they are cheerful or melancholic - we hope that glowfish's songs stay with you. We are: Joanna Nowotny (songwriting, lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Lugi Luginbühl (electric guitar, stomp box, backings), Tobias Nägeli (bass, backings) and Martina Schönbächler (backings)