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Deep indie pop between panic and hope March 12, 2021 sees the release of PANIC, the first single from Mary Broadcast's new concept EP of the same name. With it, the bandleader and guitarist expands her commitment to social women's issues with a very personal dimension. With the cycle of six songs and six videos, she and her indie pop-rock band tell the painful but also inspiring story of a woman who has to reorganise her inner and outer world after a miscarriage. The panic triggered by this profound experience is also suitable as a metaphor for the emotional world in today's age of isolation. The Artiste processes the deep pain that liberates in the end. Panic is the central idea of the EP and the central feeling of the last year - panic that afflicts us because we don't know what will happen, if it will ever stop, how long this panicky state will last. But every night is followed by a morning. "Aver" is the name of the protagonist of the stories, she experiences everything and in the end the deepest experience that a person can possibly have: The loss of her own child. This deep pain has brought Mary Broadcast back to writing songs. Aver is her art character who processes this pain for her. The music of the upcoming EP PANIC could be compared to the sound of other female artists like PJ Harvey, St. Vincent, Anna Calvi, Nadine Sha or Florence + the Maschine.