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Posted By Endrah

ENDRAH, from Sao Paulo Brazil was founded in 2003 and included Billy Graziadei of Biohazard fame and Brazilian MMA fighters.

The band performs a blend of thrash, death metal, and hardcore. ENDRAH albums have been released through Universal Records, Dynamo Records, Coretex Records, Sangre Records, and Distilled Entertainment. ENDRAH has performed with Hatebreed, Brujeria, and Unearth live. The band has completed 9 headlining tours of Brazil, and 1 U.S.A tour. The band includes several black belt level martial artists and also sports a Team Endrah stable of professional fighters with the team currently 6-2 with one current champion on the team.

In 2018, ENDRAH prepares for a world tour with stops in South America, North America, and Europe in the plans. The new ENDRAH single titled YOUR LIFE DELETED has just been released! A DESGRACA NAO PARA. Covero: Guitar Relentless: Vocals Adriano Vilela: Bass Henrique Pucci: Drums

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