Killer Virgins


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    Keep the Corkscrew
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    Karate Girl
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    Label Whore
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    Attack of the Killer Virgins
Toronto's garage-punk rockers KILLER VIRGINS are steeped in irony. After the release of their debut EP, Reboot, the band ended up rebooting themselves.
Days before the EP’s release, their former bassist was involved in a car accident that forced him to resign from the project. With their debut show at Toronto’s infamous indie venue, Sneaky Dee’s, just a month away, the band had to scramble to fill the position. To their rescue came Andrew Brazier, an old college pal of the band’s drummer, Gabriel Corindia.
Front-woman and guitarist, Samantha Weinstein, had always envisioned a modern-day punk project with an outspoken female perspective, and that’s what KV brings with their new single (and Brazier’s debut), BANANA. The song was written on a beer-soaked notepad during a night out at a pub in downtown Toronto. Weinstein recalls, “I heard someone say, ‘I want your banana’, and the song basically wrote itself.” Weinstein’s effervescent voice stands in stark contrast to crunchy guitars, grooving bass and heavy drums, with ear-worm lyrics revolving around animalistic metaphors and cheeky puns, a primal inner dialogue spiralling around desire. Some say the song is overtly sexual, but to this, Weinstein shrugs. “If that’s how you want to interpret it,” she grins.
Covid-19 has delayed the band from recording their follow-up single, but Brazier says the band is finding other ways to be creative during lockdown. "Staying safe is way more important," says Corindia.


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