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For Martin Gerke, Mabel Winkler, Karolin Biewald and Sarah Schumacher, music is a time machine with which one can travel to 1979 in order to redesign the future from there. Groenalund's music is dreamy and theatrical in the best sense of the word, always balancing on the thin line between melancholy and joie de vivre: there are profound passages as well as moments of euphoria and lightness. The characteristic voices of Sarah, Mabel and Karo complement each other harmoniously, while each of the three has its own style. The always sounds vital because there are no computers involved, when it comes to sound generation: All instruments are real, whether string orchestras, guitars, analog synthesizers, powerful drums and melodic bass lines, everything is recorded in real time by professional musicians in the studio. Groenalund is even supported by Abba’s hit companions: Janne Schaffer, known from over 50 classic Abba recordings, recorded some solo passages on the album, with the same guitar that was once used on “Super Trouper” and “Dancing Queen”. Just like back then ... The great role model Abba sometimes seems to send warm greetings, but Groenalund continues to weave its own thread undeterred. Elaborately produced, rousing pop music with texts about the world experienced today, with prospects for a better tomorrow, that is the music of Groenalund.