Killer Bee


  1. 1.
    I Believe
  2. 2.
    Maybe Baby
  3. 3.
    Step Into My World
  4. 4.
    I'd Love To Change The World
  5. 5.
Based in Sweden, this multinational hard rock band known as Killer Bee are a unique entity in todays rock market.
First there is the distinct retro 70´s sound. With his main influences rooted in this era Brian "BEE" Frank as producer of KB´s records brings you a sound reminiscent of early Purple, Uriah Heep, Zepelin, Rainbow and even Cooper and second there is Anders song writing. His main instrument is bass, but he prefer to write the songs on guitar or piano. His ability to combine groovy riff based guitar rock with great melodies and harmonies has now become KILLER BEE's signum. This consistant style of production separates Killer Bee from the mass of polished generic hard rock flooding the market today. Combine this with over 25 years of die hard conviction and perserverance and you have an outfit that screams out to be listened to.
Founding members Anders “LA” Rönnblom and Brian “BEE” Frank, have endured a long list of challenges over thier quarter century together. Numerous member changes to the line-up, the cliché industry rip-offs, and bad management have plaqued Killer Bee since the start.Only due to their dedication and drive have Killer Bee risen to a stage in their careers where it seems that no obstacle or barrier is too large to overcome.
The road that lies ahead is wide open and that's where you will find Killer Bee. Wide open full throttled pedal to the metal rocking in a city near you.


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