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Embedded in the hills and forests of my home region, the northern part of Upper Austria, you can find the physical presence of “Studio 55 2 Sounds”, where I have fine-tuned my recording techniques for quite some years now. My name is Sigi Mittermayr, I have been a musician in various band projects as well as a solo artist for over 20 years, and recording my “homegrown music” was the starting point for the development of my studio, leading to recording sessions with a lot of musical artists in Austria. While continuing to do that, I am working on various sound design projects more and more often, delivering anything from basic background noise to personal film music for videos. For my latest project, my Foley recordings, I need not go far: the clear water of our creeks, having cut through the granite (which is so typical of my home area) for ages, nurturing our meadows and forests – the surrounding beauty of my home area is a constant reminder that the essence of life is always around us. To capture the purity of nature for our listening pleasure has been and will be one of my strongest commitments.