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Short bio: Benjamin Bubb is an independent musician who composes and releases electronic music, focusing on ambient, new age and dance music that's "music from the heart." His music focuses on improvised production techniques, to record deeply relaxing music tracks that help reduce stress and anxiety. He also works with sound therapy tools in his music such as brainwave entrainment, solfeggio frequencies, and binaural beats. Ben's abilities continue to grow each year and he strives to produce the best relaxation music possible. Long bio: Benjamin Bubb is an up and coming independent musician in the ambient and electronic genres, graphic designer, blog writer, and an avid seeker of truth through music's healing powers. Ever since he was a young child, he's had an interest in sound, electronic music, art, synthesizers, including the piano. Having never been taught the piano, Benjamin has a unique talent and ability to play this instrument by self-taught inspiration. His most influential artists is Ed Van Fleet and Roland Hanneman, both of whom inspired Benjamin when he was young. His music is relaxing, soothing, uplifting and is composed from his heart and soul. This music is raw, pure, and refined, as each piece is recorded with no expectations or pre-writing before the session. Benjamin lovingly records and edits every song using improvisational techniques to ensure the most touching, gentle, including transformational of compositions.