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Tiago Araripe is a Brazilian artist with a diverse musical (and poetic) background. He merges styles and influences that extend from Brazil's Northeast popular culture to international pop music he came to know on the radio as a child. Living in São Paulo in the 1980s, he recorded "Cabelos de Sansão" - an acknowledged vinyl album reissued in CD 26 years later - in which the singer and composer plays along with a variety of musical genres. The freshness of sound and intense combination of influences goes on to his following album "Baião de Nós" and the EP "Na Mala, Só a Viagem" - the last one also the name of his latest concert. Araripe released the single "Tudo no Lugar" in January 2019, his first song recorded overseas, featuring the Portuguese singer Mara. Anothers singles comes from Portuguese landscapes to the world since June, 2020: "Abracadabra - Novas Manhãs Que Virão", pop ethnic fusion with musicians from Europe, South America, and Africa; "Nenhuma Igual a Você", recorded in Roma, Lisboa, Bombarral (PT) e Recife (Brazil) and the next one, "Lugar ao Sol", also remotely recorded, which will be released in March 2021 announcing a new album. Tiago Araripe's songs have a strong poetic presence, sometimes in humorous rhymes but also through sensitive and reflective lyrics.