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Kekko Fornarelli is a pianist, composer and producer. With five albums released and more than 200 concerts in 40 Countries around the world over the past five years, Kekko Fornarelli is currently one of the most widely appreciated artists internationally.
He has developed a unique style, characterized by the attempt to create music to observe, more than just to listen to. A peculiar and personal way to tell stories, to express emotions and paint situations. His music is a mellow combination of modern northern European ideas and neoclassical lyricism, filtered by his warm and extremely personal Mediterranean background. “Fornarelli is a skilful instrumentalist with classical roots and a subtle improviser's mind.
After 10 minutes, it was evident that this classy threesome had very different stories to tell [...] It was resoundingly obvious why this close-knit, thoughtful and viscerally exciting new trio are winning acclaim across Europe” - John Fordham, The Guardian. “A near-perfect balance of tension and freedom.
Fornarelli’s music has a pared-down yet catchy style that draws on his classical roots, with influences from pop to trip-hop to gospel” - Alison Gunn, Financial Times. “I can't stop listening to the CD: a fusion of Romantic classical music, modern jazz and 21st century dance rhythms, played with Italian brio from the heart”

- Alison Bentley, London Jazz Blog.