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A rap/metal act from Spain, Def Con Dos started playing covers of Public Enemy and Beastie Boys while touring Madrid's club scene under the name of Freddy Krueger y los Masters del Universo. Soon they recorded a demo called Primer Asalto, signed up to local label Dro, and released Segundo Asalto in February of 1990. A good chance to leave the underground came when Def Con Dos, also known as DCD, had the opportunity to open for Run-D.M.C. while the American rap band was touring Spain. Julian Hernández and J. Al Andalus produced 1994's Armas Pal Pueblo, around the same time guitarist Juanjo Melero, aka Mala Fe, and Juanjo Pizarro, aka El Mercenario, joined in. To promote that album, the band went on tour along with Lagartija Nick. Kamarada Nikolai became DCD's new member before recording Alzheimer, released in April of 1995. Def Con Dos' lineup changed once again when Argentine guitarist Julián Gautxito replaced Manolo El Guanche; soon after, they recorded the main title for Alex de la Iglesia's movie El Día de la Bestia. A year later, the group started touring Europe, including live performances at France's Printemps de Bourges and Belgium's Dour festivals, and issued Ultramenia in September of 1996. The chance of being known in America came in 1998 when DCD joined the Warped Tour, playing along with Bad Religion, Deftones, and Rancid, among others. After issuing De Poca Madre in 1998, a compilation of their greatest hits, called Dogmatofobia, was released in 1999. ~ Drago Bonacich, Rovi