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Argentinean singer, songwriter, and producer Juan Carlos Baglietto was born in 1956. Baglietto's impressive career started in the early '70s while taking part in bands such as Via Veneto and Confidencias. He formed his own band called Irreal in 1977, playing along with keyboardist Juan Chiavelli, bassist Sergio Sainz, drummer Daniel Wirtz, percussionist Piraña Fegúndez, and guitarist Alberto Corradini. After being together for two years, the band broke up in 1979. The following year, Baglietto formed a new act with singer Silvina Garre, Fito Paez on keyboards, Zappo Aguilera on percussion, Rubén Goldin on guitar, Sainz on bass, and Marco Pussineria on drums, releasing 1982's Tiempos Difíciles and Actuar Para Vivir. A year later, Paez and Garre left Baglietto's band. In 1984, the artist participated in a festival called ¿Por Qué Cantamos? playing along with Nito Mestre and Oveja Negra. Juan Carlos Baglietto recorded an album of covers, called Acné, in 1986, as a tribute to the songs which influenced him earlier. Two years later, the singer traveled to the former U.S.S.R. representing Argentina in a festival where bands from all over the world had the opportunity to play. In 1991, Baglietto teamed up with Lito Vitale to record Postales de Este Lado del Mundo, covering Argentinean classic songs. In 1998, Juan Carlos Baglietto celebrated his career of 15 years with a show at Buenos Aires' Opera theatre where the artist played along with León Gieco, Fito Paez, and Alejandro Lerner. ~ Drago Bonacich, Rovi