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Multi-artist: In 2018 Camilla Blue and her band released the debut album Blue, followed by a live registration in the Dutch pop temple TivoliVredenburg for the music program Free Sounds. Her first single ‘Don’t turn on the lights’ reached more than 50.000 streams on Spotify and with its successor ‘When I get home’, an ode to her foster parents, she hit the Dutch Top 40 Playlist ‘New Releases”. Joyce composes, writes lyrics, sings, plays piano and guitar, and combines other artistic qualities like painting and performing with her music. For her new album Yellow she designed a series of CD covers and CD storage bags. Blue and Yellow are the first two in a range of four albums with colour themes. Together they form a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’. Camilla Blue does not work with fixed styles and structures. For her, music is an expression of deep inner emotions and reflections on the world around us. Each songs creates it’s own world, with a unique own sound and meaning. Camilla Blue is one of the selected top talents of the Dutch talent program Music Hub Brabant. She is selected for the semi-finals of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, which is postponed due to the corona cricis. This autumn she will continue her band tour.