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The Knight of the Synthesizer: Dr. Raza is a progressive rock keyboard artist, based in Toronto, whose signature sound proudly embraces its DIY roots, an instrumental overdose of keyboard focused prog and the art of storytelling. Raza is an avid writer and uses concept stories that accompany his music to take listeners on his adventures. A drummer from a young age, and a dentist and policy analyst by academia, the piano has been his main instruments for 10+ years, on which he is self-taught and also teaches others. Fans have described the music as “If Dream Theater was an electronic band and Jordan was the only member”. Raza pursues his art because according to him, he cannot imagine his life without it. He doesn’t do it because he wants to, but because he has to - he considers it his purpose in life to compose and continues to chase his higher purpose and meaning in life through music. Join his adventures over at www.drrhk.com