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TOKYO TAPES: PIANO RECYCLE w/Stian Balducci out now! Norwegian piano player, father of triplets. Based in Oslo, working internationally. DUGNAD rec artist and maker of #DailyPiano videos on Facebook and Instagram. Born 1988 in Ålesund. Played in Åse Skolekorps Marching Band. Got a really great Swedish piano teacher at age 10, who encouraged to pursue all music, not just classical. Got heavily into early Elton John, soul, funk, fusion, jazz and avant-garde - still studying George Gershwin & Béla Bartók. Played in the local Big Odd Band, leading to The Middle Norwegian Youth Big Band (Midtnorsk ungdomsstorband), meeting future collaborator Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø, Kristoffer Eikrem and Dan Peter Sundland. Went to the Sund Folk College's jazz class (check that thing out!) and got to consistently playing piano with other people in bands for the first time. Started more long-term bands with Andreas Wildhagen, Followed these peers into the prestigious jazz conservatories of Scandinavia. Touring and releasing albums with Akmee, Lana Trio (Lana Trio), Orter Eparg and Baker Hansen. Working in electronic music, clubbing and production with Bendik Baksaas, leading to the most recent collab with Stian Balducci (+plattform). Iben, Turid, Eivor & Karoline covers by Sebastian Gorton Tokyo Improvisations LP cover by Christopher Owe and produced by Disc Archive Live in Blue Note Nara cassette cover by Fredrik Øverlie (Fredfades) Photos by Tone Brandal, Morten Espeland & Jan Tore Eriksen