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Kathrine Brøndsted is a Danish singer- songwriter. With a strong voice and a soft heart, she has a rare gift to write and perform universal timeless and powerful songs. Her music is best described as folk/ pop filled with notes from blues, soul, gospel and a touch of jazz. There is always a unique combination of strong hook lines and meaningful words.

Whether in front of a band or alone with her guitar, she will touch your heart and make you wanna groove to the music. ...“We see a lot of acts at TLR, and they all have SOMETHING special. A great voice, instrumental prowess, stage presence, songwriting ability, etc. Not often do we get the chance to hear someone who has it ALL and more. Whether charming us with sweet and melancholic tones, or raising the rafters with her gospel power, Kathrine Brøndsted is what I call 'A Class Act'!” Martin Tomlinson, Host at The Listening Room, Copenhagen.