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in 2019, RBECKA has developed a new sound of melancholic dark pop influenced by soul and r’n’b, which we can hear in her latest releases. her powerful voice makes a lasting impression, as described in GAFFA Magazine; “only a few times each year a voice with this level och finesse and soul, is discovered”. about 'bad intentions' bad intentions is inspired by someone i had the displeasure of knowing a while back and is written from their point of view - a manipulative narcissist💔' About

'sad song (don't wanna be here)' ‘sad song (don’t wanna be here)’ is an emotionally ambiguous song about feeling alone, confused and not knowing how to get out of that dark place where life really sucks. Upon first listen, it might come across as a happy song with its energetic and summery production. But if you take the time to actually listen to the lyrics, you will be able to experience the true meaning of the song. The production juxtaposes the lyrics, just like hiding your true feelings behind a smile.